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Guard My Vote

The Guard My Vote Mobile App was designed at the perfect time; right before the 2020 USA Presidential Election. The app helps voters stand up to voter suppression happening in their communities. Learn more about the Guard My Vote Mobile App.

What We Did

AppIt worked closely with the Guard My Vote Team to design, develop, and deploy a mobile application that is at the core, user friendly. We began the project with fresh branding, a clean design framework, and user flows. Together, we implemented detailed in-app surveys that capture the most common (and many niche) methods of voter suppression, creating the pathways for users to capture and report these instances easily on their mobile devices. In addition, AppIt consulted on go-to-market strategy, web-development and marketing services for the Guard My Vote App, and app store optimization.

Guard My Vote Mobile App User Surveys
When over 100 million Americans did not vote in the 2016 election, it's critical that we do everything we can to capture every individual's vote.

Project Designs

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Client Requirements

The mobile app needed to make sharing observations between voters and their peers, seamless.
Guard My Vote also needed to make reporting of voter injustice both quick as well as anonymous to keep voters engaged and comfortable using the app.
The mobile app admin needed to provide a quick pathway to share reports of voting injustice and voter suppression with the people who can make a difference; policy makers and each secretary of state.


The Guard My Vote App launches in September of 2020 and is expected to see a large number of initial downloads due to the proximity of the upcoming election and the passion around making sure every vote counts. The Guard My Vote Team plans to use the Guard My Vote mobile app post-election to help solve for other instances of voter suppression happening around our country and quite possibly the world.

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