Expand Your Service Line Offerings with AppIt Ventures’ Expertise


Promote AppIt Ventures’ service lines to your clients

Introduce any of AppIt Ventures’ service lines – mobile application development, custom web application development, creative design services, business intelligence/machine learning, database development, custom integrations, or legacy system upgrades – to your clients. If there is an opportunity for us to provide value, simply make the introduction; we’ll schedule a quick conversation with the client to ensure we are a good fit to serve.

Get Started Today

If we determine we’re a good fit and your client decides to work with us, we’ll pay a 5% referral fee on the value of the first project. Your clients will benefit from our dedication to customer service, honesty, and quality. You’ll benefit from knowing your clients are in good hands.

What Resellers Do

  • Field introductions to your clients and contacts. If AppIt Ventures isn’t already engaged with them as clients or prospects, we guarantee your commission when clients close on a project and their payment clears our account.
  • AppIt Ventures will provide all necessary marketing materials and email templates to make introductions a breeze.

What Resellers Get

  • 5% referral fee on the value of the initial engagement and first project.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re sending your clients to a team of experts with a reputation for excellence.


Collaborate with AppIt Ventures in a partner engagement

For professionals who’d rather maintain ownership of the client relationship, you’ll work with AppIt to design the proper solution for your client. AppIt Ventures will only interact with the client at your direction, and all pricing and design details pass through you. In this partnership, you decide how you’d like to present, propose, and price all engagements. You are AppIt’s direct client, and your client remains your own.

Expand Your Service Line Offerings with AppIt Ventures’ Expertise

From our initial engagements to deployment and launch, AppIt Ventures provides clear guidance, unbiased technical direction, and fair pricing to our clients and partners. As a partner, you have preferred access to our team of experts, allowing you to grow your business knowing you have strong support behind you.

What Partners Do

Work with AppIt Ventures to capture client details, project needs, project budget restrictions and project timeline. AppIt Ventures will collaborate directly with you to custom-design a solution that meets your clients’ needs.

What Partners Get

  • The power to determine profit margin on your projects.
  • Ownership and control of your client relationship. AppIt Ventures works directly with you, helping you grow your service line offerings as you see fit.

Getting Started with our Strategic Partner Program

Apply to become a Reseller or Partner

Step 1: 

Apply to become a reseller or partner by filling out and submitting this form.

Step 2: 

A member of our team will review your application.

Step 3: 

Upon approval, a member of our team will guide you through our agreement and marketing packet.


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