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At AppIt we believe the value of technology lies in its ability to achieve business outcomes. When an application departs too radically from the original intention, it mutates from a valuable tool intended to increase revenue and productivity to a high-cost business risk.
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Build a Roadmap for Change, Without Disrupting Operations.

When clients need to understand the current state of their application, code audits are an essential tool for comprehensive insight. Much like a third-party home inspection, a code audit provides an unbiased technical assessment of the architecture, code and security protocols to determine overall software health and quality. This assessment arms clients with essential information to make the best decision possible for ongoing development of an existing application or maintenance on a completed application.


How to Protect Your Long Term Software Goals

Code audits are a routine and necessary security protocol for custom applications whether mobile or web-based. Code audits can reveal a lot about the quality of your product's code and can save you not only time, but a significant amount of money and risk. A code audit report will help you determine things like:

What to look for in a code audit report
Why code audits are critical for businesses
Risks to look out for regarding your code
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