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Mobile Health Applications

Healthcare application development is quickly gaining traction and is dramatically improving the healthcare industry by making it more convenient, less expensive and more preventative than ever before.

Mobile health applications should strive to both improve patient’s lives daily and improve patient outcomes in the long term. From helping patients follow and monitor their progress and recovery to affording patients access and the ability to organize their health information, the beneficial possibilities that medicine and health apps grant users appear to be almost endless.

Our healthcare mobile app development team includes a certified HIPAA security expert, so from the very first stages of health app development we ensure technical compliance with current HIPAA requirements. We take patient privacy seriously and you can trust our health app developers to follow the appropriate protocols to protect your patients and organization.

In order to optimize the usability of your mobile medical application, AppIt’s app design team does not limit its thinking to graphics, but instead primarily concentrates on the patient experience and user interface for the best healthcare app design.


At AppIt Ventures, our medical app developers strive to understand the healthcare industry, your organization and your patients in order to effectively develop high-quality custom healthcare and medical applications for your organization that generate brand engagement, drive productivity, increase revenue and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

From patient file management, communication software, and software/hardware integrations, AppIt Ventures’ medical app development team can handle software projects of all complexities and scale with your healthcare business over time. No matter the platform, AppIt Ventures can design and build the healthcare app for your organization!

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How to Estimate Mobile Development Costs & Timelines

So you know you want an application built, but what’s next? We created this Mobile App Development eBook to help business owners or non-technical people understand what is the right development process and what it takes to build a mobile app. This Mobile App Development eBook breaks down of all necessary elements that go into developing a mobile app for your business, building a quote, determining a timeline for your project and tips on how to get started with Mobile App Development.

  • Mobile Application Development Costs
  • Mobile Application Development Timelines
  • Which Platforms: iPhone, Android or both
  • Tips to Getting Started