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  • We are the mobile app development experts with over 350 mobile applications developed.
  • Our team provides unbiased technical guidance built on a foundation of solid business expertise.
  • We have refined our process to the point where we can issue guarantees every stage of the way. Our clients can move ahead confidentially with a piece of mind knowing exactly what we will deliver.


How to Estimate Mobile Development
Costs & Timelines

So you know you want an application built, but what’s next? We created this Mobile App Development eBook to help business owners or non-technical people understand what is the right development process and what it takes to build a mobile app. This Mobile App Development eBook breaks down of all necessary elements that go into developing a mobile app for your business, building a quote, determining a timeline for your project and tips on how to get started with Mobile App Development.

  • Mobile Application Development Costs
  • Mobile Application Development Timelines
  • Which Platforms: iPhone, Android or both
  • Tips to Getting Started

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The purpose of the discovery process is to determine if AppIt Ventures is a good fit for your business needs. During these initial meetings, you’ll connect with a member of our sales organization to review your business goals, technical requirements, relevant timeline drivers and any necessary budgetary restrictions.


Our guarantee in this process is that we will honestly answer all your questions and point you in the right direction if we aren’t the right person for your job. If we are a fit to work together, we guarantee that we will clearly explain each next step in the process, so you will always know what to expect.


The purpose of the initial engagement is to build a project blueprint, highlight any project risks or potential development roadblocks that may impact the scope, timeline or budget of your project. We believe the best relationships begin on a solid foundation of clear expectations, and the collaboration during the initial engagement helps us to concretely outline what to expect during development.


We guarantee that our initial engagement will reduce project risk in 3 areas: scope, timeline and budget. We will eliminate the variables that can derail a project during development, and we will clearly explain what you can expect every step of the way.


Our team will develop your application to the exact specifications listed in the detailed requirements we’ve created together. By this stage, project risks have been identified and reviewed, with clear expectations set ahead of time. During this part of the process, our team will follow a 2-week sprint cycle and will provide regular updates on progress.


We will deliver the product we said we would deliver. We will keep to our word and we will deliver the product we promised in the timeframe we promised.


Let us know how we can help and we will be in touch shortly.