Leveraging Technology to
Improve Patient Outcomes

Our client is one of their state’s largest healthcare providers. Their integrated network of 34 healthcare facilities, including a Level II trauma center, provides primary and specialty care in over 50 specialty areas. Their vision of becoming a national leader in providing the best clinical quality, patient safety, service and value has led them to invest in multiple digital and technological solutions, including a mobile application.

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Healthcare Mobile App Development

  • Healthcare application development continues to be a top trend in the industry, and the intelligent use of emerging technology helps providers remain competitive by providing more convenient care with lower costs and improving patient satisfaction.
  • In addition to our deep experience in the healthcare industry, our mobile app development team includes certified HIPAA security experts, so if needed, from the very first stages of health app development, we ensure technical compliance with current HIPAA requirements. Whether your app requires compliance with HIPAA requirements or not, our team is able to guide you on the implications of specific features before you commit to development.


At AppIt Ventures, the majority of our business is in the healthcare industry. We have worked with our clients on solving business problems such as improving the entire patient journey, from first search to scheduling to post-op care. We've delivered high-quality, intuitive applications to streamline processes, increase patient satisfaction, and deliver improved procedural outcomes.

Given the depth and breadth of our experience, ranging from boutique practices to large-scale medical providers, as well as our familiarity with a wide variety of technologies, we're able to apply our expertise to even the most challenging issues facing your practice. Especially with the latest emerging technologies, it's important to work with a partner you can trust to provide measured, reliable guidance to help you execute on your strategy.

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