April 14, 2021

Why Are Code Audits Beneficial?

Code Audits

At AppIt Ventures, we believe that the value in any technology lies in how well it achieves a business outcome. When an application departs too radically from the original intention, it mutates from a valuable tool intended to increase revenue and productivity to a high-cost business risk. Poor quality applications place the business at risk for high maintainability costs and blocks to scalability. Gaps in security can expose businesses to harmful attacks. Any custom software project requires thought, planning and a dedication of resources, and when clients need to understand the current state of their application, code audits are an essential tool for comprehensive insight. Much like a third-party home inspection before the sale of a house, a code audit simply allows an unbiased technical team to view the architecture and code of an application to determine its overall health and quality. This assessment arms clients with essential information to make the best decision possible for ongoing development of an existing application or maintenance on a completed application.

Why Code Audits are Beneficial?

Provide peace of mind as shifts in business requirements occur

Even for clients that have a strong relationship with their development partner, certain business requirements may create a need for a third-party code review or security review.  Some of our clients leverage our code audit services as they work through M&A activities, plan for future maintenance or support needs, or to provide assurance to their clients who might be interacting with their application in high-security or heavily regulated environments.

Protect your business outcomes

The value of a technology manifests in how well it achieves business outcomes.  The best technology improves processes, facilitates efficiency, streamlines workflows, and seamlessly integrates into users’ day-to-day.  The end goal of any application is to increase the bottom line – either by increasing revenue or reducing cost.  If a poorly designed or poorly built application is sucking time and resources, it’s important to identify where improvements can be made as quickly as possible.  Code audits provide visibility into areas of opportunity, allowing you to make a fully informed plan for what’s best for your business.

Provides insight to protect your scope, timeline and budget

In any project, the unknown or unexpected can have drastic impacts on the scope, timeline and budget of a project.  These impacts are magnified when modifying an existing application because there are simply more variables at play than when building something  from scratch.  A code audit will highlight any issues with an application, including maintainability issues, security risks, and bugs, which when discussed in the planning phase of the project, will help reduce the risk of ballooning scope, timeline and budget during development.

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When you need to understand the current state of your application, code audits are an essential tool for comprehensive insight. Much like a third-party home inspection on a house, a code audit provides an unbiased technical assessment of the architecture, code and security protocols to determine overall health and quality of a software application. Download our whitepaper to understand the process and benefits of code audits, as well as how to use the information to protect your long-term software goals.

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