April 21, 2013

We Are Proud to Announce Today’s Launch of the EasyBid Expert App!

Contractors, get ready to celebrate! Your job just got easier than ever before. The EasyBid Expert iPad app was designed specifically for contractors of all different types, as well as anyone involved in home improvement or renovation. So whether you’re a painter, builder, plumber, or just about anything else, this is the app for you!

EasyBid Expert makes it effortless to create a job estimate in an instant. Not only that, but estimates and invoices are produced in a beautiful, customized document that can be saved and sent to the customer immediately. Contractors can also save inventory items that they use frequently so they can be easily applied to future projects. The app can use these inventory items to save templates for standard jobs, making the bid process faster and easier than ever before.

This iPad app also generates annual and quarterly reports based on information that has already been entered. The detailed reports include sections for accounts receivable, largest invoices, sales data, and revenue, complete with a chart for tracking trends over time.  Now contractors can spend less time crunching numbers, and more time doing what they do best.

EasyBid Expert has everything a contractor needs to quickly create accurate estimates, manage projects, and save time and money – so download today and get to work!

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