A Variety of Reasons to Build a Mobile App

November 16, 2018

As the mobile revolution extends to virtually every consumer in America, companies are seeking new ways to reach and connect with individuals. The mobile ad industry, led by Facebook and Google has exploded. At the same time, the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store have filled with millions of apps for every type of purpose. More and more companies realize that apps are among the best ways to connect with consumers and build their business.

In particular, e-commerce companies find that having an app encourages more activity and spending. Once a consumer has downloaded the app, they can search, explore, engage and buy all within an app interface. It makes searching and buying easier than ever, whether the consumer is at home or on the go. Even retail locations are encouraging consumers to download their apps with the incentive of discounted purchases and updates on sales or new products. Plus, the constant reminder on the phone interface is like an advertisement with constant impressions.

Businesses aren’t the only ones developing mobile apps. For example, consider a college that is trying to attract students, professors, donations, government funding and other contributors.  They may want a way to connect with all of these parties and at the same time give them a friendly interface with the university.  They may create an app that includes an easy-to-use map of the campus, a transportation schedule and an overall daily updated schedule of events. It could include top stories from the school newspaper and announcements by the administration. These friendly features create ongoing engagement with the various constituencies.

Some apps are simply used to make internal business operations smoother and more productive. Companies turn CRM, ERP and other management systems into mobile apps so that their personnel can access them on the go. This is especially important for salespeople, warehouse workers, logistics professionals and drivers who need updated business information even though they are not sitting at a desk.

Consider a salesperson that is about to enter an existing client meeting seeking to renew their contract. They need to remember the client’s purchase history, their pricing, feedback on the current product mix, changes made in previous contracts and activity history with the product.  All of this information will be stored in the CRM.  The salesperson can glance at it on their phone or tablet several minutes before they enter the meeting. They can then be sure to make the most convincing pitch possible with all of the pertinent information at hand.

The app revolution is extending into the Internet of Things (IoT) which basically involves attaching a computer chip and internet connectivity to every device. It started taking off with the Nest home thermostat.  Internet connectivity is now in all sorts of products like lightbulbs and washing machines as well.

IoT is extending to business sites too, such as the warehouse and every device involved in logistics. That makes tracking exponentially better and linked to the ERP system that each worker holds in their hand.  As each individual item becomes connected to the overall system, the process of preparing, tracking and shipping goods becomes easier to manage and better to predict. At the same time, workers with mobile devices can easily find what they are looking for, when they need to find it.  When an order comes to the facility by car, truck or van, they are also fully prepared.

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