Turning Deep-Learning AI Loose on Software Development

Article Summary:

Computer scientists at Rice University have created a deep-learning, software-coding application that can help human programmers navigate the growing multitude of often-undocumented application programming interfaces, or APIs.

AppIt Review:

This article is an example of the constant advancements technology makes. Writing code is not only time consuming, but it is incredibly error intensive. Currently there are more software development jobs in the world than there are software developers. Robots having the capability to code would give opportunity to create more software at an expedited rate. Humans could use this technology as an outlet to ask programming questions, and reduce the time it takes to resolve errors. As code changes over time, programming languages are constantly evolving making it hard to keep up with the advancements. A robot would be able to learn an infinite number of languages and keep up with coding trends.

Read Full Article at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180425120203.htm

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