Top 10 List for Mobile Apps

Are you thinking about creating a mobile app? Here are 10 things that you should know:

10. Games represent 65% of all apps in iTunes

9. Mobile advertising accounted for $2 billion in sales last year

8. December and January are the highest sales months; August and September are the lowest

7. 80% of apps don’t break even

6. Instagram is an app. It was acquired for more than $1 billion dollars in 2012

5. By 2015 it’s estimated the app economy will generate $37 billion dollars a year

4. There are over 1 million apps in existence

3. For every $100 an app makes in iTunes, it’ll make $24 on the Kindle and $15 in Android

2. 10 Android devices are activated every second

1. The top 25 apps grossed over $54 million each last year

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