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The JourneyApps Platform Gives AppIt’s Clients New Development Horsepower

Our partner, JourneyApps, said it best: “The most important ingredient in any business’s app development project is the developer.” While custom software development shops have traditionally been the go-to option for enterprise-level app development projects, app development platforms are now paving the way for developers to deliver enterprise apps in a fraction of the time.  Through our new partnership with…
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Custom Software Development: Third-Party Delivery vs Delivering In-House With a Platform

Custom software development is nothing new, and the emergence of app development platforms has created new opportunities for companies across industries. They can now implement mission-critical solutions in ways that overcome traditional limitations. The question of which is better –  third party custom development vs. in-house development through a platform  – has become a topic under widespread debate amongst decision-makers.…
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Telehealth in a Crisis: The Real Importance

Introduction  The 2020 COVID-19 crisis has forced every industry to be remarkably adaptable, and the healthcare sector is no exception. While almost 80% of hospitals in the U.S. have some sort of telehealth service, many were underutilized prior to the viral outbreak. We generally viewed virtual visits as last-resort alternatives rather than first-choice offerings. That mentality quickly flipped as the…
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Tech Debt: What You Need To Know

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may be looking for cost-effective shortcuts for mobile app and/or web app development. Most commonly, these shortcuts come in the form of open-source code or code snippets/libraries that can be easily utilized, sparing the cost of creating the entire code base from scratch. A large percentage of apps are built this way,…
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Mocking URLProtocol

Testable Network Layer in Swift – Part 3

Please check the previous articles on Network Layer Part 1 and Part 2. Mocking URLProtocol What is Mocking? In object-oriented programming, mock objects are simulated objects that mimic the behavior of real objects in controlled ways. (source: wiki) In our case, we are looking to mimic a URLSession so that it will return the mock object without hitting the physical server.…
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mobile app developers

Applying App Architecture in 10 Minutes | Android Developers

Most professional Android application developers are aware of the Guide to App Architecture, which is a great source of knowledge for building Android applications according to best practices. If you haven’t read that yet, I would suggest you do so before continuing on with this article. You’ll want to be familiar with the Android framework and have a basic understanding…
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Testable Network Layer in Swift – Part 2

Writing unit test cases using XCTest framework. In the previous article in this series, we learned how to write a Testable Network layer. In this article, we will learn how to write unit tests for that network layer. To perform unit tests, we need to know the expected output for the given inputs. Remember, we never actually hit the physical server…
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TableView and CollectionView in iOS using Swift

Self-Sizing Cells: TableView and CollectionView in iOS using Swift

Designed by Giridhar Reddy Vennapusa Most of the iOS apps on the App Store have a UI representation of a list of items, so it’s clear that iOS developers spend a lot of time with TableView and CollectionView throughout development. At AppIt Ventures, we have been developing iOS apps since 2009 and adapting to all the tricks, improvements and new features that iOS offers. In this article, we…
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