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Porting an iOS Application to Android

You've got an iOS application which has done nicely for your business. Now you've noticed that Android has a significantly bigger market share,…
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Android App Development for the Google Pixel

Android App Development Every now and then, a phone comes along that changes the way apps are developed. It's too early to tell…
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Android or iOS? How to Choose the Operating System For Your Mobile App

So you've decided that your business needs a mobile app. Recognizing that your audience increasingly uses mobile devices to communicate, shop, and search…
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Interesting Facts and History About Android App Development

In the beginning... there was a thing called a telegraph which started in 1792. Wait, this might be going back a little too…
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Silicon Valley Story Under Renovation

We’re pleased to announce that we've taken over ownership of Silicon Valley Story for Android and are in the process of completely overhauling…
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