Stress Release Hypnosis Review

Check out the most recent publicity that we’ve received for our client’s app, Stress Release Hypnosis that was just posted over at Here is a quick excerpt:

“The “stress” track is 15 minutes long, and features calming noises paired with a soft female voice. And I kid you not, once it got going, I really did start getting a bit sleepy and very, very, relaxed. I was totally skeptical, but Stress Release Hypnosis really worked for me, though I’m not sure if it would be as effective if used over and over again.

Bottom Line: Even if you have your doubts about it, check out Stress Release Hypnosis if you need to lower your blood pressure, forget about a bad day at work, or get to sleep at night.”

The Stress Release Hypnosis app is currently available for free in the iTunes store. Other topics addressed include Stress Release, Health Wealth & Happiness, Anxiety Release and Weight Loss, with many more healing audio tracks currently under development.

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