Snapchat launches less creepy Send and Request Location features

Article Summary:

Snapchat is taking another shot at location after its always-on coordinate-broadcasting Snap Map proved a bit invasive for some users. Snapchat now lets you send your ongoing real-time location to a friend, or request theirs, which show up on the Snap Map and within your message thread.

AppIt Review:

The challenge of producing innovation without pushing boundaries is highlighted throughout this article. In this day and age people want to constantly be connected with their friends and family, and luckily we are able to do this with the available technology. As technology keeps pushing forward to find the latest trends, it often crosses the line of comfort for most of its users. As app developers it is important to think of our customers, and what their preferences are. It also our job to introduce and integrate new and exciting products into their lives. Looking back on past years, we as consumers have had our boundaries pushed in many ways. Without boundaries being pushed, many of the technologies we rely on everyday would not be available. This poses the question of what our future will look like as our boundaries continue to be pushed.

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