December 21, 2012

Silent Driver App Launch Today!

This post from September got lost in cyberspace, but it’s back now!

Today is a great day for us, because we just launched our newest app, Silent Driver! After all our hard work, this awesome safe-driving app for Android phones is on the market. Silent Driver restricts your phone use while driving, so you’re free from distraction and 23 times less likely to cause an accident.

Jim Wojciehowski, a physician’s assistant in Alaska, conceived the concept for this app after an accident that occurred early Easter morning in 2011. While texting and driving, a 19-year-old girl fatally hit a man crossing the street in front of her; she drove off texting OMG OMG repeatedly.

Wojciehowski wanted to prevent tragedies like this from occurring again, so he came to us with the idea for Silent Driver. Fast-forward a few months to today, and it is finally ready to go! We like to think of it as a superhero app, saving lives one un-distracted driver at a time.

Download the app today so you can drive and arrive safe!

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