March 9, 2013

Please Help Us Win the Vine Startup Contest!

This week, Mashable and NowThis News are having a contest for startups through Twitter’s new app, Vine. The objective of the contest is to express your startup’s mission in a 6 second video, and then ask your friends to retweet and share it. So, just for fun (and the chance to be featured on Mashable and NowThis News!), we created two Vines for AppIt Ventures. Please retweet your favorite and help us win the contest!

This one is for our custom mobile app development:

Drumroll please! This is our AppIt Ventures #6secondpitch: vine.co/v/bwmWQUixB9F Please Retweet and help us win the Startup Vine Contest!

— AppIt Ventures (@AppIt_Ventures) March 8, 2013

And this one is for our business plan app, Business Plan Premier:

Check out our #6secondpitch for Business Plan Premier! vine.co/v/bwZrU9IW6dg

— AppIt Ventures (@AppIt_Ventures) March 8, 2013

The top 5 finalists will be chosen on March 10, so please help us out by retweeting your favorite AppIt Ventures #6secondpitch! Thank you for your support!!

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