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5 Mobile App Design Tips to Optimize User Experience

Your mobile app is only as successful as its design. Even the best concept, content, and value proposition will fail if users of your app don't like the way it looks, feels, or navigates. Fortunately, you have full control over each of these variables, which means you can optimize your design for maximum possible success. Without further ado, here are…
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The Internet of Things (IoT): What Is It, And How Does It Integrate With Mobile Apps?

The Internet of Things (IoT) You've likely heard some news about "smart devices," and maybe you even have some in your home or place of business already. The smart device movement adds internet accessibility to things like appliances and vehicles, and even to buildings themselves. For example, this allows you to do things like check the contents of your refrigerator…
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4 Steps to Update Your App for iOS 11

For any business relying on an app to reach their desired audience, a new update to the mobile operating system on which their app runs tends to be both stressful and hopeful. As last year's iOS 10 and countless other examples have shown, an update can introduce new features that both advance the possibilities of your app and make the…
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The Increasing Business Usability for Smartwatch Apps

When Apple released its first Watch a couple of years ago, it was thought to be gimmicky. Since then, a number of other brands have released similar smartwatches. But still, this type of wearable device is generally thought of as a consumer-focused piece of hardware. In reality, that's no longer true. A number of business apps are now available for smart…
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Making Money From Your App: Which Revenue Model Is Right For You?

There's no question that it's tough to create an app that really stands out and gains a significant following in today's crowded marketplace. That's why a solid monetization strategy is vital before you launch -- an app that manages to catch lightning in a bottle but is saddled with a suboptimal monetization scheme is a squandered opportunity you might never get…
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The Most Successful Augmented Reality Games: What Makes Them Work?

Augmented reality is still in a fledgling state, with phones, their data connections and their cameras only recently reaching a point in the market where it's viable for large numbers of people to participate. While phones and tablets naturally dominate in this space, a few interesting and popular efforts have been made on handheld and console gaming systems as well. In…
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How To Land A Job In Virtual Reality Development

Virtual reality (VR) science has the advantage to change our lives much more than the smartphones has and that technology is developing rapidly. “The virtual world is taking off, and I consider the job opportunities are best in the next few years,” says Nate Beatty, co-founding father of IrisVR in New York city. If you’re looking to break into this…
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5 Virtual Reality Apps that Showcase the Future of Mobile

For many, 2016 will be remembered as the year virtual reality turned from a fad into mainstream culture. All major smartphones, including both iOS and Android, now include VR capabilities that are relatively simple to tap into. But of course, app developers are only beginning to catch up to the technology. Slowly but surely, we're starting to see new programs that look to improve user…
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