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Why are Code Audits Beneficial?

Code Audits At AppIt Ventures, we believe that the value in any technology lies in how well it achieves a business outcome. When an application departs too radically from the original intention, it mutates from a valuable tool intended to increase revenue and productivity to a high-cost business risk. Poor quality applications place the business at risk for high maintainability…
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How Mobile Will Drive the IoT Revolution

In the past few years, you have probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). Put simply, it describes the trend toward everyday items being connected to the web. From appliances like refrigerators to home security systems and thermostats, that connectivity is improving both function and convenience for consumers everywhere. And it's not a fad, either. By the end of…
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A Variety of Reasons to Build a Mobile App

As the mobile revolution extends to virtually every consumer in America, companies are seeking new ways to reach and connect with individuals. The mobile ad industry, led by Facebook and Google has exploded. At the same time, the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store have filled with millions of apps for every type of purpose. More and more companies realize that apps…
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Internet of Things Development

IoT – Internet of Things Considerations

The Internet is a powerful force in our society, connecting people, providing a wealth of information and creating new forms of work that people once only dreamed about. In recent years, engineers have taken this vision one step further by integrating the Internet into everyday physical objects like refrigerators, thermostats, cameras and light bulbs. This leap forward is referred to as the…
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Android and iOS Design

How to Design an App for Both Android and iOS

Android and iOS App Design Designing mobile apps can be difficult. The interfaces and user experience for the two largest mobile operating systems, Apple's iOS and Google's Android, are significantly different. And yet, ideally, you want to make sure that your app can run on both in order to maximize your reach and the impact your app can make. But…
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5 Considerations for Incorporating Augmented Reality into Your Mobile App

Pokemon Go was only the beginning. In fact, it wasn't even that. Since augmented reality first entered the mobile app scene in 2008, they have captivated audiences and provided new opportunities for businesses to engage their potential and current customers. By 2020, Augmented Reality (or AR) is forecast to become a $120 billion industry. The reason is simple: the more you…
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Developing Secure Applications on iOS

Security on any device that touches the Internet is a challenge. Apple provides solid foundations for securing applications, but app developers need to do their job as well. Most applications go through the Apple Store, which checks that they don't have any apparent holes. Application security has two sides. The application shouldn't compromise user privacy or affect data that it…
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5 Mobile App Design Tips to Optimize User Experience

Your mobile app is only as successful as its design. Even the best concept, content, and value proposition will fail if users of your app don't like the way it looks, feels, or navigates. Fortunately, you have full control over each of these variables, which means you can optimize your design for maximum possible success. Without further ado, here are…
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