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Healthcare App Development

HIPAA Compliance vs. User Experience for mHealth Apps

How to design your mHealth app with user accessibility in mind, while maintaining necessary security measures. One of the most common challenges we have experienced when developing mHealth apps for our clients is implementing administrative, physical and technical safeguards without compromising patient accessibility. While complying with HIPAA guidelines is a must, additional security can sometimes lead to user frustration. In this blog,…
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Apple Launches Public Links for TestFlight – Beta Testing Made Easy

Public Links for TestFlight The most anxiously awaited TestFlight feature has arrived! Public links, announced at WWDC back in June, is now available in App Store Connect. This feature will allow up to 10,000 external testers to access your beta build using a shareable public link, essentially functioning like a limited open invitation. Creating the link in App Store Connect…
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7 Tips for UI Designers

Photo Credits: Over the past 10 years of my career as a programmer, UI/UX designer and project lead with custom software development company, AppIt Ventures, I have taken part in building more than 300 apps. Throughout those projects, I have worked alongside many designers, including those within our organization, from design agencies, from client teams and freelancers. In my observation, there…
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mHealth Apps

How mHealth Apps can Improve the Patient Journey

Setting Your Patients Up for Success Before They Even Step Foot in Your Clinic with an mHealth App We have worked with a wide variety of clients who’ve each approached the patient journey differently. Without a doubt, we’ve learned that those who build a consistent program around delivering a high-quality patient journey see other benefits to their business as well,…
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AppIt Ventures Promotes Amanda Moriuchi to CEO

A recognized leader in the Colorado tech community, Moriuchi brings a passion for expanded opportunities for women in technology and a wealth of business development and sales experience to her new position DENVER, Aug. 29, 2018 AppIt Ventures, a Denver-based custom software development company that builds cutting-edge, high-quality technology, today announced it has named Amanda Moriuchi as chief executive officer.…
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iPad Apps Developer

U.S. Based vs Overseas Developers and The AppIt Advantage

U.S. Based vs Overseas Development When searching for a software development partner, you’ll find that there are two main camps: those that employ in-house developers and those that contract overseas developers. While a difference in price is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind, there are also a variety of other factors to consider when deciding which sort of…
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Healthcare App Development

7 Reasons Every Healthcare Provider Needs a Mobile Application

Healthcare Mobile Applications While there are vast differences between metropolitan and rural healthcare providers, ranging from the availability of resources to patient demographics, we’ve noticed some common threads in challenges throughout the industry. Today, healthcare providers are often faced with unique revenue cycle management challenges like physician shortages, a large percentage of financially insecure patients, and insufficient reimbursements stemming from…
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Automating UI Tests As a Non-Programmer: An Introduction

Automating UI Tests AppIt Ventures Every application should be thoroughly tested before going live to ensure a bug free product for its users. As most apps contain many different features/screens, run on different platforms (iOS/Android/Web) and are used on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge, ideally the Quality Assurance (QA) person will test every single feature on all…
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