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“Are apps just a fad?”

This post from August got lost in cyberspace, but it's back now! The question lingered in the air, and I found myself standing in front of a board room of educators. They had volunteered their time to provide Jeff and I with presentation practice before the upcoming business plan competition. My knee jerk reaction was they’re a fad like the internet…
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The Value of Quality Talent

This post from August got lost in cyberspace, but we found it! How can you leverage 24 hours in the day? You only get 24 hours, no matter how you slice it, so how do you create more time? One option is to find and develop quality talent that can execute your plan (simple, I know, but let me explain).…
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Marketing Intern – Brandy Anderson

This post from August got lost in cyberspace, but it's back now! Hi everyone, Brandy here. I’m the new marketing intern at AppIt Ventures. I’ve been here for three weeks now, and I’ll admit I’ve learned more in that time than I thought I'd learn in months. I’ve been transported into a fascinating world of technology, business, marketing, and excessive…
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Silent Driver App Launch Today!

This post from September got lost in cyberspace, but it's back now! Today is a great day for us, because we just launched our newest app, Silent Driver! After all our hard work, this awesome safe-driving app for Android phones is on the market. Silent Driver restricts your phone use while driving, so you’re free from distraction and 23 times less likely…
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The value of relationships

You may have heard the saying: “It’s not what you know, but who you know?”   AppIt Ventures has been built off of a foundation of mutually-beneficial relationships. We focus on developing affordable mobile applications and do this by leveraging both domestic and international development teams to help keep our client out-of-pocket costs low. We also have revenue-sharing opportunities with our…
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Top 10 List for Mobile Apps

Are you thinking about creating a mobile app? Here are 10 things that you should know: 10. Games represent 65% of all apps in iTunes 9. Mobile advertising accounted for $2 billion in sales last year 8. December and January are the highest sales months; August and September are the lowest 7. 80% of apps don't break even 6. Instagram…
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Internet Marketing Premier is Live!

AppIt Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of Internet Marketing Premier! This is the perfect app for anyone that wants to learn how to increase online sales, optimize their website and improve their visibility in search engines. It was written by the senior internet marketing director of a large online company with over $120 million in annual sales. This…
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AppIt Ventures Ties for 1st Place

AppIt Ventures ties for 1st place in 2012 Bard Center Business Plan Competition. Quick highlights: We won CU-Denver's business plan competition, have 3 client projects under way and Business Plan Premier is consistently at the top of the "Business Plan" searches in iTunes. We have two great domestic developers that we're working with and are solidifying relationships in Armenia, Romania,…
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