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Why Your Business Should Build Apps for Your Employees

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about why your business needs a mobile app, and I mentioned that many businesses create apps not for their customers, but for their employees. And they don’t do it just to be nice (although that’s always good too!). Instead, there is real ROI to be had for businesses that invest in…
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25 Ways to Build Loyalty & Engage Customers with a Mobile Business App

I recently wrote a post about various reasons that businesses should have their own mobile apps, and I highlighted customer engagement as one of the benefits that a business can expect. I mentioned that having your own app creates an opportunity to establish and build relationships with your audience, and it helps you stand out and ensures you’re top of…
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Please Help Us Win the Vine Startup Contest!

This week, Mashable and NowThis News are having a contest for startups through Twitter's new app, Vine. The objective of the contest is to express your startup's mission in a 6 second video, and then ask your friends to retweet and share it. So, just for fun (and the chance to be featured on Mashable and NowThis News!), we created…
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Starting a Business in the Mile High City

Ask anyone at AppIt Ventures, and we’ll tell you that we love the city of Denver, CO – not only as an amazing place to live, but also as a great place to start and grow a thriving business. You’ll find substantial support and so many helpful resources here you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Here are just a…
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Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Entrepreneurs and businesses all share a common challenge: How to build a business that customers love and will come back to again and again. But how do you earn their loyalty? You might consider options like improving your products or services, expanding your marketing efforts, or investing in ways to reduce prices. Those are great ideas, but since you’ve probably…
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Why Native Apps Would Win an Epic Battle Against Web Apps

I’ve read at least a dozen different articles about the difference between native apps and mobile web apps, and a common theme among them is the general conclusion that both are fantastic, each for different reasons. Many suggest that you can choose either of them and the results will be simply splendid, perhaps the best investment you’ve ever made. Sorry…
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Offshoring with Shakespeare

To be or not to be, that is the question. Shakespeare was able to predict the trials and tribulations of offshoring software development almost 400 years ago through his play: Hamlet. Let me translate, opine and semi-butcher (sorry Shakes) the first few lines of Hamlet for you through our experience of software development. To be, or not to be, that…
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Affordable Smart Homes are Coming (Finally!)

During the course of my work with mobile app development, I’m constantly looking for new and exciting industry trends. Kickstarter has become a new source of joy with a constant flow of products that are part science fiction, part reality. The newest of these devices is the Almond+ (see right); an attractive looking wireless router with an LCD screen that allows…
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