January 11, 2013

Marketing Intern – Brandy Anderson

This post from August got lost in cyberspace, but it’s back now!

Hi everyone, Brandy here. I’m the new marketing intern at AppIt Ventures. I’ve been here for three weeks now, and I’ll admit I’ve learned more in that time than I thought I’d learn in months. I’ve been transported into a fascinating world of technology, business, marketing, and excessive coffee drinking. I have been fortunate to have more expert advice than I know what to do with, the opportunity to sit in on meetings with very important people, and the good fortune of a truly enjoyable team to work with.

I could write all day about the many lessons and insights I’ve picked up in the last three weeks, but I’ll just start with sharing a little about myself.

I have lived in ten states, but I like to say I’m from Colorado because I was born here and I’ve lived here for ten years. I’m an MBA student with a marketing emphasis at University of Colorado Denver, and I expect to graduate in December 2013. I also attended UCD for my bachelor’s degree in communication.

My personal interests include environmental issues, coral reef tanks, social media, and much more. Most of my family lives in Colorado, so I try to spend time with them as frequently as I can. In my free time I also enjoy snowboarding, running, reading, and Italian food.

In the future I’ll be writing about new lessons and insights I gain while interning here at AppIt Ventures, but I thought I should introduce myself first. Until next time!

– Brandy

P.S. I really have to share this funny tumblr blog with you. It’s about the shortcomings of Apple’s Maps app compared to Google’s, and it literally made me laugh out loud.

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