iPhone has a hotspot feature, really?

Yes, really – and it has been in your pocket for years…

I’ve been in too many situations where I’ve needed the internets, but they were no where to be found (cafés or restaurants without service, typically when I’m trying to pitch an idea). Matt, our lead developer last week overheard me discussing my frustrations and came to the rescue – in a way that you might brush your teeth on a daily basis – no big deal for him.

With a flick of a few buttons, you too can have “internets” as long as you have phone service. First, go to:

– Settings
– General
– Network
– Personal Hotspot
– Follow instructions

Research shows that one device (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, or 3g iPad) can support up to 5 other devices – and – it can be done using a password, so others can’t piggy back on your signal. I’m shocked that Apple and especially the carriers haven’t done a better job letting us know how cool our pocket computers can be.

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