November 23, 2012

How we got started

So how did we get to where we are today?

Late 2011, Rob and Jeff were talking about Rob’s first app, Business Plan Lite, an app that he had outsourced and was doing quite well at helping people write business plans. Rob was able to create an affordable app development model through offshore development. We were getting really excited about it and a biz dev guy from Apple Computers stopped by: “I couldn’t help but overhear (Jeff’s mental thoughts: that’s because we’re yelling at each other with excitement!), but you guys are app developers? I have a ton of ideas – can you help?”

Rob & Jeff: “We are business strategy and sales guys, we just outsourced this app and don’t build apps for others.”

Biz dev guy: “Oh… Well, thanks anyways…”

Rob & Jeff: I bet we can figure out how to build apps for other people – there are needs and there are resources, all we have to do connect them, right??

We literally started working on our business plan for AppIt Ventures that day and now 8 months later, we have a suite of our own apps to help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses, are building apps for clients and have a bunch of exciting things in the pipeline!

A big takeaway for other entrepreneurs – sometimes all you have to do is talk loud enough that other people can hear you and tell you what they need … then as an entrepreneur, all you have to do is connect the needs and resources on both sides of the fence, and you’ve got yourself a business!

Oh … although we didn’t get the Apple guy’s contact information, we’ve never passed up an opportunity like that again!!


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