October 15, 2014

Denver Startup Fights Climate Change with New App

Greenhouse GO’s CarbonPlanner app launched today with a big mission: to make carbon planning simple and lead the way to a greener, more sustainable future.

Buildings account for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, which are the leading cause of global warming and climate change. CarbonPlanner aims to reduce this by giving land planners, developers, and consultants a valuable tool that enables them to compare various CO2 mitigation options and make strategic decisions that cut emissions at the source.

Unlike other CEQA entitlement solutions, CarbonPlanner uses a “top-down” forecasting methodology that makes it possible to gain early information without the precise details that typically aren’t known until later in the planning process. This allows planners to develop their plans with CO2 reduction in mind from the start instead of developing their plans with limited data, only to discover later that expensive changes need to be made.

Incredibly simple to use, the app makes it easy to calculate complex data that gives planners actionable information they can count on. CarbonPlanner utilizes industry-recognized standards and regulations, incorporates all variables related to CO2 emissions, and even refers to local jurisdiction emission thresholds, making the software simple enough for students yet detailed and comprehensive enough for professionals.

It’s up to land planners and builders to ensure that future land use supports national and world goals toward protecting our planet and developing thriving, healthy cities. CarbonPlanner helps accomplish that goal by providing the early information planners need to cut carbon emissions and make a major contribution in the fight against global warming.

Do you know of any other eco-conscious apps working to reduce GHGs or fight climate change? Tell us about them in the comments!


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