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Choosing a Cloud Service Provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Here’s the deal. AWS is, frankly, the industry leader. They had a roughly 7 year head start in developing their cloud services, and…
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Gartner’s 2018 Tech Trends | Be an Outlier

At AppIt Ventures, we live on the bleeding edge of technology.  Building custom software for clients around the globe and across industries, it's…
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5 Considerations for Incorporating Augmented Reality into Your Mobile App

Pokemon Go was only the beginning. In fact, it wasn't even that. Since augmented reality first entered the mobile app scene in 2008,…
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How To Land A Job In Virtual Reality Development

Virtual reality (VR) science has the advantage to change our lives much more than the smartphones has and that technology is developing rapidly.…
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5 Virtual Reality Apps that Showcase the Future of Mobile

For many, 2016 will be remembered as the year virtual reality turned from a fad into mainstream culture. All major smartphones, including both iOS and Android, now…
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Ask AppIt Ventures: Mobile App Trends in 2017

As a software development company, our team is always on the lookout for cool new technology and we can't help but keep up…
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Adding Siri to iOS Apps

Siri is a hot feature on iOS devices. People love the feeling that comes with talking to their iPhone or Apple Watch and having it…
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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

We all have an idea of what virtual reality is, even if we haven't experienced it. A viewing device gives us the experience…
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3 Mobile Application Development Lessons from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is taking over. Released only a month ago, it quickly became one of the most popular apps (and talking points) around the…
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How to Develop a Mobile Application that Can Compete with Chatbots

The rise of chatbots is undeniable. Seemingly every week, a major digital corporation develops a new version of automated software designed to help…
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