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Protecting your Software: Software Copyrights vs. Software Patents

Protecting the Intellectual Property of Your Software Almost all of our custom software clients are curious about protecting their intellectual property, and with…
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Mobile App Developer Denver

Quality Custom Software Development

What actually indicates quality in custom software development and how can you be sure you’re getting it? Handing over your time, money and…
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iPad Apps Developer

U.S. Based vs Overseas Developers and The AppIt Advantage

U.S. Based vs Overseas Development When searching for a software development partner, you’ll find that there are two main camps: those that employ…
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Generic UITextField in IOS

As iOS developers, most often we develop apps that have one or more forms prompting the user to enter his/her email address, date…
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Mobile App Wireframes

Cross-Platform Development vs Native Development

How to choose between Cross-Platform Development vs Native Development When it comes to building a mobile application, you have to choose the strategy…
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Tips for Choosing a Software Development Partner

Effectively Minimizing Scope, Budget, and Timeline Risk Choosing a custom software development partner is probably the most important decision you’ll make when creating…
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