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Releasing a Mobile App – Using your own App Developers Account or Not

Should you release your mobile app under your own App Developer Account or leverage your software developer's App Developer Account? When development on…
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Mobile App Wireframes

Cross-Platform Development vs Native Development

How to choose between Cross-Platform Development vs Native Development When it comes to building a mobile application, you have to choose the strategy…
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Healthcare Mobile App Developers

How Custom Software Can Help Healthcare Providers Succeed Under The Fee-For-Value System

The shift away from Fee-for-Service and toward Fee-for-Value Due in large part to the Affordable Care Act, the shift away from fee-for-service and…
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How to Make an App


10 Steps on How to Make a Mobile App At AppIt Ventures, we know that the process of mobile app development can be…
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A Variety of Reasons to Build a Mobile App

As the mobile revolution extends to virtually every consumer in America, companies are seeking new ways to reach and connect with individuals. The…
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4 Restaurant App Features to Consider

As a restaurant owner, you have likely contemplated having an app developed for your business. After all, nearly every business has one these days,…
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Mobile App Development: Resolutions For Your Business Strategy

During the new year, you can expect the gyms to be packed, you can expect people to say they will stop or start…
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Denver Company Shows How Mobile Apps are a Key Component of E-Commerce

Is your company built on e-commerce? If so, you better consider mobile as part of your marketing and purchasing strategy. Your customers are…
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5 Signs Your Business May Need a Mobile App

The trend is clear: increasing numbers of consumers are moving toward doing everything on mobile devices, making mobile apps more important than ever…
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The Importance of Integration in Custom Software Development

Regardless of your industry, budget is likely a big question when choosing and implementing new software. That software may be designed to reach…
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