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Flutter App Development

How to Setup Flutter on Android Studio for beginners in macOS.

Image designed by Giridhar Reddy Vennapusa   Flutter is an open source mobile app development SDK from Google, used to build beautiful Native…
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Developing Secure Applications on iOS

Security on any device that touches the Internet is a challenge. Apple provides solid foundations for securing applications, but app developers need to…
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4 Steps to Update Your App for iOS 11

For any business relying on an app to reach their desired audience, a new update to the mobile operating system on which their…
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Adding Siri to iOS Apps

Siri is a hot feature on iOS devices. People love the feeling that comes with talking to their iPhone or Apple Watch and having it…
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Build an App for iOS or Android First?

Android and iOS are the two big platforms for mobile applications, but if your resources are limited or you're being cautious, you may…
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What iOS 10 Means for App Developers

It's official: iOS 10 has already been adopted by over 60% of iOS users, and is now a required download for both iPhones…
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Swift and iOS App Development

Does it matter to the customer what programming language a mobile application is written in? They weren't planning to read the code. Even so,…
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4 iOS App Development Takeaways From Apple’s iPhone 7 Event

Earlier this month, millions of Apple fans rejoiced. In what has become an annual event, the global brand revealed its new iPhone to…
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4 iOS App Development Takeaways from WWDC

You may have heard: earlier this month, Apple had its much-hyped, annual Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC), in which it highlighted a number of…
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iOS App Development vs. Android – Which Platform to Build For First

When a business is looking to invest in a high quality app for their audience, one of the first questions that many people…
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