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7 Tips for UI Designers

Photo Credits: Over the past 10 years of my career as a programmer, UI/UX designer and project lead with custom software development…
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Automating UI Tests As a Non-Programmer: An Introduction

Automating UI Tests AppIt Ventures Every application should be thoroughly tested before going live to ensure a bug free product for its users. As…
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Delightful Animations in Android

As mobile app developers and designers, you often create apps to solve problems or get things done for your users. Your app’s UI/UX…
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Android and iOS Design

How to Design an App for Both Android and iOS

Android and iOS App Design Designing mobile apps can be difficult. The interfaces and user experience for the two largest mobile operating systems,…
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5 Mobile App Design Tips to Optimize User Experience

Your mobile app is only as successful as its design. Even the best concept, content, and value proposition will fail if users of…
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App Design: Collaborating with InVision

When it comes to custom app design, InVision is a tool we can't live without. This design collaboration and prototyping tool is awesome, and it…
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5 Mobile App Design Trends to Watch in 2016

Like all digital design trends, mobile app design trends change rapidly. Since the first apps hit the market, the technology that powers them and…
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