Apple’s App Store Redesign Improved App Discovery

Article Summary:

When Apple introduced its completely redesigned App Store last fall, one of its goals was to improve app discovery by placing a larger emphasis on editorial content – including things like “app of the day” picks, lists, how-to’s and even interviews with app developers, among other things.

AppIt Review:

There are some great factoids in here about how apps are discovered, and the impact of how the discovery of apps through browsing has changed with the new design of the Apple App Store. This was a great read, but what really stuck out to us was the unanswered question of what a developer’s strategy should be for being found through search. At AppIt Ventures, we specialize in helping our clients gain visibility on the app store through ASO (App Store Optimization), but there are very few businesses that do this for clients. As the app store continues to remain competitive, we’d be curious to see how the industry continues to evolve from a search/browse perspective.

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