AppIt Ventures Donates Equity to Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) to donate a percentage of our founding equity to several great non-profits in the Denver/Boulder region. The organization was established in 2007 by a network of entrepreneurs that includes dozens of great companies including the Foundry Group, Rally Software, Openspace, TechStars, and Aztek Networks.

We wanted to get involved with this great organization because as a start-up we don’t have a lot of resources to spare. This was the perfect opportunity for us to find great non-profits in the community that we wanted to help. Everyone at AppIt Ventures pitched in to select a number of local charities that we felt attached to and wanted to support. These non-profits include:

Community Shares

CU-Denver Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

Metro CaeRing

Summer Scholars

Rape Assistance and Awareness Program (RAAP)

Unrestricted Endowed Fund for Boulder Community

If anyone else has a startup or young business we’d highly recommend this program as a great way to give back while you’re still growing. Check out EFCO for more information on their program or feel free to respond with any questions below.

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10 Step Guide on How to Make an App

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