AppIt Ventures Donates $50,000 to Florence Crittenton Services

We love to contribute to open source projects and even donate our software development services to nonprofit organizations, which allows us to expand our reach and opportunities for improving the lives of people worldwide.

We recently elected to grant a deserving local nonprofit $50,000 to develop a custom software solution. Our team worked with Mile High United Way to seek out a nonprofit partner and we chose to team up with Florence Crittenton Services, a local nonprofit with a mission to educate, prepare and empower teen mothers and their children.

Granting funds to Florence Crittenton Services for the development of an application allows the organization to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for its services that will improve long-term outcomes for teen families while allowing staff members the extensibility to customize and adapt their services to fit the needs of each teen family they serve.

Set to launch in late February, the application automates Florence Crittenton Services’ evaluation efforts and helps the organization’s Family Advocates track services provided to teen mothers, monitor their participation and academic progress and assess their social-emotional growth. The application provides greater insight that will allow Florence Crittenton Services’ staff to evaluate their impact on teen families over time. The application will also help identify risk factors for each teen mother and alert staff in time to prevent teen families from experiencing child abuse, domestic violence, health or economic crises and high school dropout — all of which significantly impact teen families.

We believe that technology shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it, and we are happy to provide this service. This partnership is so much more than a $50,000 check, though. This is something that can deliver at least $50,000 in value over its lifetime while improving the lives of numerous teens and families throughout the Denver metro area

We are committed to serving the Denver community. We plan to continue partnering with local nonprofits for years to come, annually providing custom software solutions to local nonprofit organizations — ultimately improving the community as a whole through the impact of software.


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