Affordable Smart Homes are Coming (Finally!)

A Jetsons style home that is affordable to the masses appears to be upon us.

During the course of my work with mobile app development, I’m constantly looking for new and exciting industry trends. Kickstarter has become a new source of joy with a constant flow of products that are part science fiction, part reality. The newest of these devices is the Almond+ (see right); an attractive looking wireless router with an LCD screen that allows you to control and setup your Wi-Fi directly from the device (no more messing with IP addresses and web browsers).

It turns out Almond+ can also be linked to hundreds of devices like the Phillips Hue Connected light bulbs, which work via wireless technology known as ZigBee. These light bulbs come equipped with Wi-Fi chips that allow you to control them with your smartphone or tablet. Yup – a Jetsons style home is on the way. Not only that, but this technology is readily available to the commercial market, not some high flying concept that’s six years out.

These connected devices are referred to as smart technology, and one platform that appears to be attempting to gain industry standard is “SmartThings”. A technology that connects manufacturers and software developers together and allows them to build phenomenal and innovative products that can all be controlled from smartphones/tablets. A Jetsons style home that is affordable to the masses appears to be upon us.

So I ask you this, if you could wirelessly connect to any hardware in your home what would it be and why? Sound off in the comments below!

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