4 Restaurant App Features to Consider

As a restaurant owner, you have likely contemplated having an app developed for your business. After all, nearly every business has one these days, so why shouldn’t you? Mobile apps can be great for offering your customers quick and easy access to information about your eatery, and can also offer some pretty great tools for improving their overall experience.

That said, many small business owners struggle with knowing what to include in an app. To many of them, an app seems too much like a repeat of their website, and they can’t understand why the customer couldn’t just visit their site in the first place.

However, a mobile application can be much more than just a repeat of your website. Sure, it can (and should) offer up much of the same information found on your webpage, but it will load much more quickly, and the format will be specifically designed for the smaller screen of a smartphone. Additionally, mobile applications can include some nifty tools that aren’t as easy to offer on a website.

Want to know more about what kinds of things to include in (or add to) your restaurant’s mobile app? We have just the information you need. Read on to discover how your application can be used to improve the experience of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Restaurant Information

Every mobile app should include general information about the business it was made for. This includes the restaurant location and contact information and businesses hours, as well as a menu with current prices listed. This makes finding pertinent information about your eatery quick and easy for anyone who may be considering your location for lunch.

Helping potential customers find this information quickly and easily helps increase your restaurant’s revenue. This is because many people will not be willing to jump through hoops to find important information, and will resort to visiting a place they know instead.

Online Ordering

If your restaurant offers online ordering, this option should most definitely be included in your phone app. This makes the online ordering process much simpler for those using a smartphone to order. It also increases the likelihood that they will use your mobile ordering system instead of jumping to another business that makes the process easier for them.

Table Reservations

Do you run the sort of establishment folks need reservations for? Including an option to make reservations via your application could be a great way to make the reservation process a breeze and keep customers happy. Happy customers will return time and time again, so the ultimate goal is to keep your guests as happy as possible by making the process convenient and fast.

A Loyalty Program

Loyal customers should always be rewarded. For this reason, if you don’t already have a loyalty program of some sort, you should seriously consider developing one. Moreover, your loyalty program should be included as a feature in your app. This is a great way to keep your customers coming back to both your restaurant and your app.


Clearly, a mobile application is the ideal way to expand upon your business’ marketing campaigns. Mobile applications bring in new customers, keep them coming back, and with the right features and some great development, they can help promote your restaurant as one of the most customer-oriented places around.

Are you ready to have an incredible app built for your business? We would love to help you out! Here at AppIt Ventures, we offer high-quality mobile application development we are sure you and your customers will love and appreciate.

Please contact us today so we can get started on this incredible project for building your business.

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