100 Apple Watch Apps for Business, Fitness, Travel and More

August 25, 2015

From health and fitness to productivity and entertainment, there is no shortage of app ideas for the smartwatch. In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting apps to look for, as well as the main features each includes. So, whether you're interested in monitoring your health and fitness, staying productive on the go, or simply enjoying some entertainment on your wrist, there's sure to be an app that meets your needs.

Top Productivity Apps

1. Evernote – Dictate notes, perform searches, view content, set reminders, and check items off your list

2. Todoist – View tasks, access your projects, and interact with notifications

3. Clear – View your task list and mark tasks as complete

4. Wunderlist – View your task lists, and get reminders and other notifications

5. Things – This task manager is keeping quiet about its Apple Watch app, but we’re betting you can view your task list with it

6. Pommie – Helps you practice the popular Pomodoro Technique

7. EasilyDo – This life organizer sends timely notifications about your calendar, email, contacts, travel, social profiles, business and more

8. Braintoss – Dictate notes, reminders and tasks to the app, and they will be sent to your email so you don’t forget

9. Trello – Create a new Trello card

10. OmniFocus 2 – Get interactive notifications and view your forecast, flagged items, inbox, and perspective

11. 24me – View your calendar and upcoming tasks, get timely notifications

12. RemindMeAt – Enter notes for addresses, then get alerted with your reminder note when you arrive

Top Fitness & Sports Apps

13. Pacr – Enter your target time and distance, and this app will help pace your running by measuring how far you’ve run and analyzing your speed

14. Yahoo Fantasy Sports – Receive timely notifications, check your matchup scores, and smack talk to your league

15. Nike+ Running – Challenge and cheer on friends, check leaderboards, and track your running miles

16. MLB at Bat – Follow real-time scores and other game stats

17. CRNT – Check current surf conditions at different locations

18. Slopes – Record your activity and check live stats while skiing or snowboarding

19. Fitness Spades – This app will randomly choose your next workout move during training, and tracks your workout progress

20. ECB Cricket – Check cricket scores and get real-time game notifications

21. Exact Fitness Timer – Follow your workout plan and time training intervals

22. StepWise – View your step counter and other fitness metrics, such as calories burned and goal progress

23. Runtastic Six Pack – Follow your training plan and track your progress, and get vibration alerts at the start and end of each set

24. Attivo – Check your stats, record your run/walk/cycle, gain XP and level up, and check the map to see where you are

25. Biceps – A timer for your workout with voice recognition to stop the timer

Top Business Apps

26. Salesforce – View business & sales analytics, and get real-time alerts when important events happen

27. OfficeTime – Time your meetings and other work activities to track where your time is spent

28. Slack – The popular service hasn’t said, but we assume you can chat with your coworkers and receive notifications when you’ve been mentioned

29. BetterWorks – View current goals and see where they stand, add short check-ins, and cheer on coworkers

30. MileWiz – See current status, browse and categorize trips, and change settings

31. Invoice2go – Send invoices, track your time worked using geo-location, and receive alerts when payments are received

32. CommitTo3 – Remind yourself of your next commit, view teams and team stats

33. Prompt – When running a presentation, stay on track with your main points and see how much time you have left for each section

Top Social Apps

34. Facebook – Respond to friend requests and messages, and view your news feed

35. Instagram – View and like photos in your Instagram feed, and leave emoji comments

36. Twitter – Tweet using voice dictation, view your timeline and trending tweets, and favorite and retweet

37. Pinterest – Get notified when you pass nearby pins

38. Infinitweet – Convert long messages to images (so you can go over the 140 character limit) and post to Twitter

39. Waldo – Get automatic updates on where your friends are and what they’re doing

40. Pinner for Pinboard – Browse, edit, read and share bookmarks, and use voice to search for tags

Top Travel Apps

41. Expedia – Get your flight and hotel booking information, and receive alerts for flight status and gate changes

42. Uber – Order a car, view ride details, and track the driver’s route toward your location

43. Hailo – Order a taxi and track the time remaining until it arrives

44. Starwood Hotels – Check in with a tap, unlock your room’s door, view your Starpoints balance, and more

45. Air Canada – Get flight status updates, countdown to boarding time, and view your boarding pass

46. American Airlines – Check-in with one tap, then get notifications your boarding gate, departure time, bag pickup and more

47. Qantas Airways – Check-in, boarding pass, notifications – is anyone else noticing a theme with the airline apps?

48. Citymapper – Get step-by-step transit directions, check upcoming arrival times, and be notified when you’ve reached your stop

49. Transit App – Check public transit departure times

50. TripAdvisor – Find restaurants and tourist destinations nearby, get suggestions for places to visit, and get directions

51. Poison Maps – Find nearby points of interest and access directions on a map

52. RWY Go – Primarily for pilots, this app displays every nearby airport along with your relative orientation, distance, and bearing

53. Accor Hotels – Select your hotel, view booking details, and access hotel information and other local info

Top News & Media Apps

54. CNN – Get personalized breaking news alerts and read articles

55. USA Today – View the top 5 trending stories, read the simplified version of each, and save to view full stories later

56. Feed Wrangler – Read current news headlines or full articles, and mark items as read or save them for later

57. New York Times – Read one-sentence stories from all of the major news sections

58. Pipes – Follow news topics you care about, and get major news updates from around the globe

59. The Economist – Play and control the audio edition of news articles

60. The Wall Street Journal – Read breaking news and receive stock info notifications

61. Bloomberg Business – Read news headlines, check your finance Watchlist, get portfolio-personalized notifications and breaking news alerts

Top Email & Messaging Apps

62. TL;DR Email – See an estimated read time for emails in your inbox, read and reply to emails, and even open attachments

63. Mail Pilot 2 – Check your inbox, interact with detailed notifications, and view reminders

64. Dart – View messages and send preset, one-touch replies

65. LINE – The developers haven’t told anyone what the Watch app can do, but presumably it will display and send messages

66. WeChat – Send and view messages with text or stickers, and browse friends’ Moments

67. Zello Walkie Talkie – Select a channel or contact to listen and talk in real-time, and change your online status

Top Banking & Finance Apps

68. Mint – View monthly spending goals and track your progress, and receive timely notifications

69. Chronicle – View upcoming bills and detailed bill information, and get notified when a bill is due

70. Citibank – Check account balances, view recent transaction details, and receive real-time alerts when a payment is made

71. Alipay – Integration with the mutual fund service Yuebao, QR code for mobile payments, and currency exchange

72. MoneyWiz – Add an expense or income, view account balances, and change settings

73. Discover – Check available credit, payment due dates, balances, and other account info

74. Sumptus – Add expenses, edit your entries, and track your monthly budget and spending

75. Portfolio Watch – Monitor your profit/loss for the day, check a specific stock’s performance, and manage your portfolio

76. Fidelity – See an overview of global markets and receive real-time alerts on stocks and investments

77. IG Trading – View open positions and your watch lists, track profits and losses, and make trades

78. Unspent – View a summary of your spending categories, and add or spend money

Top Apple Watch Apps

79. Launch Center Pro – Launch complex actions, such as calling a friend or posting to Slack, with a single tap

80. Procreate Pocket – With this supplement to the main iOS app, move the toolsets to your watch to make more project room on the iPhone or iPad screen

81. Redfin – Search for homes for sale, view key details, and get instant notifications about new listings

82. Babbel – Practice learning a new language, unlock and discover new words in context when you visit different locations

83. Baby Monitor 3G – Get alerted when your baby wakes up, watch video of your child, and review last noises recorded

84. Places Around – Find local places and services, view information such as business hours, and get directions

85. Shazam – Identify music you’re listening to, view lyrics, and see your past Shazam history

86. Notation – Sing or play an instrument, and the app will tell you what note is being played

87. Boiled Egg Timer – Time your eggs and get alerted when they’ve reached boiled perfection

88. Life Clock – Monitors your activity and crunches the numbers to determine your life expectancy

89. Home Remote – Control your connected home with just a tap to turn lights on, adjust the temperature, and more

90. Rules! – Play a mini version of the memory game on your Apple Watch

91. Dark Sky – Check the weather forecast, and get real-time storm warnings & other notifications

92. OpenTable – View your upcoming reservations and get directions

93. Kitchen Stories – View your grocery list and recipes, and enjoy the app’s built-in cooking timers

94. Bible – Read the verse of the day and trending verses, get friend notifications, and access bookmarks and highlights

95. Lutron – Control your smarthome’s lights, shades, and temperature

96. BMW i – Check your electric i3’s charge level, find your car and get directions back to its location

97. Sky Guide – See a calendar of upcoming astronomical events, and get alerts when an event occurs

98. Looksee – View photos, see where they were taken, like them, and get notified when new connections are made

99. Target – Add items to your shopping list, check them off as you shop, and see aisle locations for items in your store

100. Yo. – Send your friends a Yo, your location, or a photo

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