October 23, 2012

1 Hour + Quality = HUGE success!

We’ve written in the past about the importance of relationships to build a sustainable mobile app development business… Let’s discuss the importance of quality relationships.

I met Gabriel Dicristofaro (Briel, for short) at a Meetup last summer – The Denver Think Tank – a group of entrepreneurs that get together to geek out about their businesses and share best practices. Essentially a night of adrenaline and fun (for some, like me :-)).

Briel welcomed me to the group, engaged me and we’ve been good friends ever since. Briel has been running Business Oceans since 2007 and has helped a number of businesses turn their website into their #1 sales person. Briel did a primer at our Meetup and I immediately recognized he had actionable tools to build high-return online marketing campaigns – and I could tell he was passionate about what he does.

Fast forward a few months. AppIt Ventures is always looking for ways to help our clients with affordable app development – one of those components is by doing a full-service marketing campaign for them. Not all of our clients have huge budgets, so we have to be very targeted with our marketing dollars – specifically Google AdWords.

Our campaign results were right around the industry average. We called in Briel and he spent 1 hour with us. For those that know us, we built this business on a foundation of integrity, trust, and honesty. Our AdWord conversion rates literally increased by 3500%. Note, this is not some cheeky advertisement or pitch for Briel. Real deal.

So – we now have a better system to help us and our clients create more profitable marketing campaigns. Briel is a quality person in our network and I’m proud to know him.

Check him out, he’s good people.


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