Social-Media-PremierSocial Media Premier

Do you need to harness the power of Social Media to drive sales and close more customers? Social Media Premier was written by a pair of social media experts with over 6 years of running successful social media marketing campaigns. This app is designed for people who would rather build a large audience and make connections happen virtually instead of cold calling to drive sales.

Our app walks you through a process of creating a custom social media marketing campaign. It relates all the content through easy-to-understand examples, and then provides you with a customized action strategy, tailored to your business.

We have also partnered with Ben Stein & Accredited Members Inc., a group of over 3,000 high-net worth individuals, in order to provide you with the unprecedented opportunity to submit your idea for investor funding! This is the first and only app that helps people write a marketing plan and get access to investors!

Topics covered include:

  • Defining your Target Market
  • Creating a Brand Message
  • Improving SEO
  • Building a Facebook Community
  • Leveraging Twitter to find new customers
  • Building a great LinkedIn profile
  • Leverage Google+
  • Building a Pinterest Page
  • Managing Campaigns with Hootsuite

After you complete your social media marketing campaign, you can export a customized Microsoft Word document used to:

  • Find more customers
  • Establish a broader online presence
  • Build an automated plan to stay top of mind of prospective customers and
  • Let your social media channels do the cold-calling for you!

If you are serious about building a productive social media marketing campaign, then you need to buy this app!