Who we are

AppIt Ventures is an international app development company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado and offices in London, England and Hyderabad, India. We love to solve problems, provide best solutions for our customers and build apps that make users’ lives easier. Our approach to a problem is to find a user-centric and design-driven solution to develop an app that is simple, functional and fun to use. We are a group of enthusiastic forward-thinkers who are excited to build amazing app solutions with bleeding-edge technology.


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Denver Office Workspace


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What we do

We create software applications for iOS, Android, Windows & Web. Since 2009 we have developed 350+ applications and app updates. Our team has expertise in Objective-C, Android/Java, Windows/.Net, PHP, HTML, UI/UX, and we’re also learning other technologies and transforming our skillset to work with the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have worked on various concepts, technologies and frameworks like Beacons, Live Video Streaming, Raspberry Pi, Chatting, Push Notifications, Location-Based Notifications, E-commerce, Payment Gateways, Social Networks, Geo-Location, PDF Readers, QR & Barcode scanners, Fingerprint-Based Authentication and many more. We have been providing software solutions to customers in the USA, UK, and Australia and strive to expand our customer base to have clients all over the world.

See Our Portfolio

Liquor Limo

Liquor Limo delivers wine, beer, spirits and mixers right to your door. Easily shop the top local liquor store in your city with our liquor app, set an alcohol delivery time or choose to pick-up, and greet your order.

Live Airshow

The award winning app that would enhance the airshow experience for event attendees. The key features of this app are real-time parking status update, iBeacon and real-time streaming video in pilot’s point of view.

Seattle Fish co.

A custom iPhone application that they could provide to their customers in order to simplify the ordering process.

How we work

We hire people who are passionate about what they do, love to share things and constantly learn from each other. We respect work and enjoy creating software collaboratively. We value work-life balance and have fun in our office by playing ping-pong and board games, going out for team lunches, hiking, playing cricket and other outdoor sports. We allow employees to coordinate work hours flexibly, so you can work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, during times that work best for you.

Employee contributions to the development team and developer community are always appreciated, and we encourage developing and contributing to open source projects. Every employee receives a Treehouse account to help them improve their skillset or learn new technologies; we are great admirers of learning and encourage each other to learn something new every day. We focus on building user-centric and design-driven solutions, because we believe design and development should go hand in hand to create awesome products.


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Where we want to reach

AppIt Ventures’ is a globally recognized app development company with branches in multiple countries and partners spread around the world. Currently we have full-time offices in Denver, Colorado, London, England and Hyderabad, India. Our goals moving forward is to earn awards for the apps we design and develop, and to create apps that get listed in Editor’s Choice and Featured Apps sections of the app stores.

We are focused on being one of the best places to work in every country where we operate and love to contribute to open source projects and even donate our software development services to non-profit organizations. This allows us to expand our reach and opportunities for improving the lives of our team and the communities where we live and operate worldwide.

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